Cayuga/Taughannock Wed. 9/28


Got out late on my own today just checking things out on Cayuga. Strong south winds kicked up the whitecaps and it wasn’t particularly pleasurable out there but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do! 😉 Bottom line today is that the laker fishing on Cayuga really appears to be slowing up a bit. It’s been slowing for a couple weeks now – not so much just in numbers of fish caught, but mostly in the aggressiveness of the lakers. They aren’t nearly as active as they were. It makes complete sense since the fish generally spawn in Cayuga around the first week or two in October. I caught one nice fish, probably around 9lbs and I had quite a few chasing my jig – albeit not far. There will still be good fishing on Cayuga, especially in the mornings, but it may take a bit of moving around and experimentation to get them! Snap-jigging is always good this time of year. Once fish finish spawning they’ll get hungry again, and of course not all fish spawn at the same time – so fishing will maintain, but just at a lower level. What I do this time of the year is move over to a lake where the fish are going to be on a “pre-spawn feeding binge”. Keuka will be hot fishing. Owasco should be good too. We shall find out…. 😉