Landlocked Salmon

One question I get asked a lot is “what’s your favorite fish to catch?” At the top of my list is Landlocked Atlantic Salmon! They hit hard, fight insanely well, jump, look cool and taste great. What more could anyone want?!

These fish were reportedly once native to Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. They grow quickly in the Finger Lakes and are considered one of the top freshwater gamefish in the world. They typically run from 15” to 22” with fish occasionally reaching 26” or more. They are surface oriented in cold water (unless there are abundant numbers of round goby around,) which makes them a terrific fish to chase on the fly. There is very little or no natural reproduction of these fish in Seneca or Cayuga Lakes, thus keeping a few for the table does no harm to the fishery. Streamers tied on #2 to #4 hooks work great, and baitfish colors are usually the best.

As I update this in mid-December of 2022, it’s looking like Seneca Lake will be the better of the two lakes this winter and spring.  Seneca Lake offered some fair fishing last year but was great two years back.  Cayuga Lake’s salmon fishing has been spotty over the past couple years, although some nice salmon were taken.  Inshore goby numbers appear to have diminished on Cayuga Lake during the cold weather months.  Stay tuned…

Skaneateles Lake offered terrific salmon fishing (including fly-fishing) back in 2020.  That was mainly due to the stocking of some exceptionally large salmon that were able to avoid predation by walleyes and other gamefish in this lake.  Salmon for myself and my clients have basically been non-existent here over the past two years.

NY State is now stocking “Sebago Strain” salmon.  It is hoped and expected that they will provide better fishing than the previous “Little Clear” strain – so far it seems to be the case.


They don't get much nicer looking than this one!

Bonus Salmon caught jigging

Nice Cayuga Salmon

Mark with a nice Cayuga Lake salmon taken on spinning gear in February of 2022