Keuka 10/10 + Skaneateles 10/11


10/10 Keuka Lake : Guided Keuka Lake with Chip and John in the AM, then Doug and Andy in the PM. Lake trout fishing ranged from good to very good. The early AM bite was slow, but at around 10 am the fish really started hitting for us. We lost count of the numbers of lakers, but the guys likely landed around a dozen or so. Plastics were best – both white and smelt colored Lunker City Shakers. Fish ran from 19″ to 24″ or so.

PM action with Doug and Andy wasn’t quite as good as the “10 am bite,” but it was still good. The guys landed 4 nice fish and they each lost good fish and missed some. Overall, the consistency of the bite was great. Fish are close to spawning, but they are still feeding.

10/11 Skaneateles Lake: Did an AM 1/2 day with Doug and Andy (from yesterday.) Conditions weren’t the best – strong west winds funneling south and cold air temps. Andy does a lot of smallmouth fishing on the Susquehanna River plus a bit of striper jigging, and he had no trouble with the jigging technique. Bass fishing was decent in the AM – not great but not bad, and Andy landed a handful of nice fish up to 17″. No other species in the mix this AM. Jigs were best – both tubes and hair. I tried an X-rap later in some different areas and picked up a fish. Perch fishers were out in droves. Water temps are in the upper 50s. Most bass were in moderately deepwater – 15′ to 23′ or so. I popped one on the N. end shallower after the trip.