Keuka/Branchport 5/9 + Cayuga/Taughannock 5/10


Well I’m fishing more often than I thought I’d be, but I ain’t complainin’ 😉 Checked out Keuka Lake for pike/pickerel/lakers/landlockeds. Obviously couldn’t do a thorough job on all those species, but I did find some lakers down around 60′ near the marina and at the south end of the lake. No salmon action, but I only tried a couple places. Pickerel were shallow and active near the marina, but somewhat lethargic. If I were to go back to Keuka I’d fish out of Penn Yan. That arm tends to warm up early and provides excellent fishing for all the above species. No great shakes on Keuka for me….

I hit Cayuga today for salmon and pike. Water temps were good for salmon and I found a pod of 15″ to 18″ fish near Frontenac Point. Had a lot of follows and short strikes but no great grabs. Tried a LOT of other areas without seeing fish. Since the demise of the smelt population, Cayuga “late-spring” salmon fishing has proven to be inconsistent for this fly-fisherman. There’s a lot of warm water around, so it’s mainly a troller’s game. I expect to be able to hit the salmon a couple more times on this lake this spring, but timing will be everything.

The great news today was the pike fishing! Man, was it good with a capital “G”. 😉 Found a bunch of pike scattered throughout the southern portion of the lake. Mostly 27″ fish – post spawn hungry males, with a couple smaller/bigger fish thrown in. Hammered ’em with streamers. We’re lucky at Cayuga’s south end in that the water isn’t too muddy. Expect this fishing to continue throughout early June. H20 was all over the chart today 43 to 50 degrees. I released all pike to battle again…..