Keuka Lake 10/28


Guided Jack and Max for what wound up being a 1/2 day today. How good was the laker bite??? It doesn’t get better. I think the guys landed 13 fish in the first HOUR! We had a few doubles and filled the limit easily. It was rare that drops during the first hour or two didn’t produce hits. The weather wasn’t bad early on, but the wind did pick up along with some rain and we called it a day after 4 hours. Tried about 1/2 hour of perch fishing with a light hit or two and a nice pickerel showing up.

Lakers are still feeding well on Keuka. There’s bait around and most fish we’ve caught have yet to spawn. The good fishing should continue here. Water temps were in the mid 50s here.

My schedule has felt like July this week! It’s been a great month with some top-notch fishing as well as a few slow days. When my schedule is sparse, it’s easier to cherry-pick days, but when things book up it’s harder. Early starts or late fishing, along with fishing in inclement weather can help, especially with pike fishing. I expect terrific fishing in November if the weather holds up. Stay tuned!