Keuka Lake – 8/11 Out of Branchport


Illuminating day for me on Keuka Lake today. Just made it out for the late afternoon/evening bite. Spent some time jigging and hitting different marks out there. No grabs from bass but I was moving some fish. Tried searching for bait and lakers at Branchport and didn’t see much. Shot down to Hammondsport and found HUGE schools of bait. WOW! My depthfinder was reading 12′ out in 60′ due to the thick bait schools out there. The thermocline was down around 50′ +/-. What was weird is that despite a lot of bait on the bottom, many lakers were suspended. I’d have marks shooting DOWN from the bait schools as opposed to the usual heading up. Caught one laker around 22″ to 23″. Lots of action – fish chasing my jigs/spoons , but very few hits.