Keuka Lake out of Branchport 11/21


Guided Kara and her husband Eric today for lakers. Fishing was generally very good. A lot of hits were missed to start, but once the ice was broken the lakers started coming! 7 nice fish were landed to 23″+. We marked loads of fish, especially from 90′ on out to over 130′ – but we mainly just fished from 90′ to 110′ or so. Cleaning the fish revealed that they still hadn’t spawned. Two of six fish kept had bait in their stomachs – one had a smelt. It was a fun trip – they are both excellent swimmers and Eric’s a College swim coach – so I learned a lot. H20 is around 50.

After the trip I spent an hour or so searching for some perch. I caught a few from 10′ to 23′ or so. Perch fishing is reportedly quite good (I’d expect that to be the case in all the Finger Lakes right now.)