Keuka Lake out of Branchport 4/21


Guided Bob and his boys again today for an afternoon 1/2 day trip. The weather wasn’t good this AM with hail and cold, windy conditions. So we decided on the afternoon when things were forecast to clear up a bit and calm down. We wound up being the only boat we saw on Keuka Lake today. Lake trout seemed pretty inactive on this cold front day. We marked scattered fish on the bottom and very few suspended ones. A couple hours working deep water didn’t yield much, so I ran us down to the Bluffs.

The Bluffs held more promise. We were able to get out of the wind. We marked fish from around 100′ to 115′ or so. Bob landed a nice 22″+ laker and lost another. Hits were had and we had a decent number of chasing fish. But it was a tough bite. Fishing should improve substantially once the weather conditions settle. I think a lot of them were inactive on the lake bottom. Water temps were around 40/41.