Keuka Lake out of Branchport 5/6


Did a full day with Don and his wife Sharon, who joined us for 1/2 of the day. We marked plenty of lakers but the bite ranged from neutral to downright negative with tough fishing for most of the day. There were loads of fish in around 175′ to 180′ and we also spent time from 130′ to 150′. Don and Sharon each landed a laker and early in the day a few fish were lost/missed. But a tough bite overall, likely due to the cold front. The west winds were quite strong and we saw one other boat out fishing and that was it.

Some casting with stickbaits (incl. jerkbaits,) spoons and tube jigs yielded some pickerel action. Don momentarily had hold of what was likely a landlocked salmon around 18″ long. He also had a follow from one. Sharon ended the day hooking a big brown fish – a beautiful 18″+ smallmouth that was FAT and had to weigh at least 4lbs. It was a fun trip and water temps ranged upwards of 53 degrees on the surface. We never did mark much bait – though there was some deep.