Keuka Lake out of Branchport 6/6


Guided Florian and Elyssa for a 1/2 day starting at 8 am. I don’t recommend this late of a start for a morning trip, but they had some daycare issues – so off we went. I don’t know if there was a great AM bite, but fishing was slow to start – so I kind of doubt it, since we likely would have hit the tail end of the hot bite. Around 10 am the bite picked up for an hour or so. That was long enough for them to land 5 nice lakers! The first time they ever went fishing was with me around 18 months ago and they did a very nice job – no hooked fish were lost! Fish still range in fairly shallow water. A lot of small bass and carp were cruising the shoreline off of the State Park, so there’s some fun shore fishing opportunities there, especially for kids.