Keuka Lake out of Hammondsport 4/25


Guided Paul for an abbreviated full day today starting around 8:15 am. Laker action was a notch or two slower than it had been before in the Hammondsport area. A lot of fish remain around from around 70′ on out (though a lot of shallow fish seemed to vacate the shallows by midday.) We had our best fishing in around 110′ to 130′.

Paul landed 6 or 7 solid lakers. He had a hold of another 6 to 8 fish, but had some difficulty hooking up. Sometimes the fish weren’t grabbing the jigs well and at other times it was a matter of not being completely comfortable with the baitcasting tackle. But the fishing was good and steady from around 10 am onwards.

I cleaned a limit of nice fish and their stomachs were nearly empty or had one or two well digested alewives in them. Over the past 3 weeks most lakers had been packed to the hilt with bait! Not today! We didn’t mark much bait at all.

In summary, a slower day on Keuka is still a terrific day nearly anywhere else and I’d still rate the bite here as good to excellent or at least very good. Other anglers were moving around a bit and it seemed to be a lakewide phenomenon (the tough AM bite.) These fish will feed heavily through May. Water temps on top are about 40/41. I drove past Seneca Lake and could see the water level was very high.