Keuka Lake out of Hammondsport 6/22 + Seneca out of Sampson 6/23


Keuka Lake 6/22: Guided Allen, Branden and Mindy for the full day starting around 6:00 am. Plenty of large boats were out from the get-go at Hammondsport. Probably a FL Troller’s tournament or something of that nature. We had a couple hits from the start, but not much happening.

We ran to the Bluff Area and eventually a fish or two came to the boat. Branden and Mindy hadn’t done a whole lot of fishing in the past, so today was a day to learn some new stuff for them. A couple solid hookups were dropped. We worked some water on the way back south and another fish was landed. The bite got better by the end of the day with 2 more. Fishing was generally tough today but fishing hard resulted in 5 fish landed on the day.

I find that Keuka Lake tends to fish kind of tough at times during the summer. The bite generally isn’t as good as Cayuga or Seneca Lake. If you want fish on Keuka from June through August, it’s best to start early in the AM! We had a fun day and the lakers landed were all pretty solid fish – mostly 20″ to 23″ long.

As I mentioned last year, the launch at the Motel is nice now with some solid upgrades. Better dock and ramps. Still a $10 fee, but may be worth it if you want to fish the lower part of the lake and not do a long run.

Seneca Lake 6/23: Guided Mark and Mike for a 1/2 day starting around 6:30 am. Not a single boat trailer was at the launch when I pulled up around 6:15! Lots of boats were on the water yesterday, so that may have been the reason. Seneca had a decent south wind and I put my I-Pilot to work, often “anchoring” the boat. We had a steady pick of some solid lakers, ranging from one dink around 16″ to a 27″+ beauty. Around 6 fish were landed if my memory serves me correctly. They were fighting very well. Had one lamprey come up that Mark is planning on sautéing. We’ll see if he goes through with it! I cleaned it for him. Best action was on chartreuse Lunker City Shakers, 80′ to 95′ FOW. Another fun day with some really good guys.