Keuka Lake out of Hammondsport 7/23


What a joy to see the upgrades on the Hammondsport Motel boat launch! Out with the old owners and in with the new. There’s still a $10 fee, but at least it’s not “insult to injury” when dealing with the launch. The ramp is smoother now with some more gravel added in. The dock makes for easy launching in windy conditions. The new owner (Ron If I remember correctly) is a nice guy and he’s really upgrading the motel. Customers are quite happy.

I met John, Adam, Adam Jr. and young (11 y.o.) Chad at their rental. I took the boys in my boat and John and Adam fished in Adam’s boat. Isolated T-Storms were in the area and we waited one out before making the 2 mile run to Hammondsport. It didn’t take long for each boat to nab a fish. After 2 hours, we didn’t see much happening and had a total of 3 lakers on the small side (16″ to 18″) to show. The weather was clearing so we made the run up to the Bluffs. In a nutshell, fishing was good there with decent action in water from around 105′ to 115′ or so. We managed to fill our limits by quitting time and then headed back to the rental. Lunker City Swim Fishies did the job for us today. Good day, though it wasn’t super easy fishing – most fish were fairly inactive, but fortunately there were a LOT of fish around the Bluff area, as usual!