Keuka Lake out of Hammondsport 7/9 AM


Guided Steve and George, who both have cottages on Keuka Lake. They’ve been jigging on their own for the past year with some success and wanted to see another approach to it. We met at 6 am at the Hammondsport Hotel.

Fishing was very good today and we never ranged more than a mile away from the launch during the entire 4 1/2 hour trip. As anybody that has booked me in the past knows, I have no qualms about running just about anywhere within reason in the quest for good fishing, but to not have to go anywhere and save time and gas is always welcome.

The guys wound up landing 9 lakers – only one being a 13″ dink. The high point of the trip was Steve’s 22″+ rainbow! A silver beauty that gave a great battle. I thought it was a foul hooked laker for awhile, since it ran so hard and often. All fish came on Lunker City Shakers and Zoom Superfluke Jrs. This rainbow was a wild fish. Now DEC is stocking rainbows at a tune of 5,000 per year. If people continue to harvest lake trout with vigor, we may see more rainbows like this one if not bigger ones in the future.

I had a great time with the guys and it really was a perfect trip was start to finish. After the tough start to the “summer jigging season,” the past few days have been like a breath of fresh air. The thermocline at the south end of the lake ranged from around 40 to 65 feet or so. Lakers were concentrated at their preferred temps in around 65′ to 70′ FOW. As the day went on we did better over deeper water, like at 65′ over 80′ out to around 100′.

And boy do I like Cabelas! My new Super Magnum Rubber Landing Net was at my door when I got home! That was with Standard Shipping and it was ordered on Sunday! That’s basically two day shipping for the normal charge! Hopefully this one will stay on my boat where it belongs. The associate I talked to on the phone told me that the net shipped from their eastern distribution center which I believe he said was in Virginia or West Virginia. Awesome!