Keuka Lake out of Penn Yan 8/3


Guided a full day for smallmouth bass with Doug and his son Zack. First thing I noticed was the new “pay station” at the town launch in Penn Yan. $5 is the launch fee. It had been free there until recently.

In a nutshell, the smallmouth bass fishing was excellent today. The guys landed 7 or 8 very solid smallmouths to around 18″ (over 4lbs) and one nice largie along with a handful of smaller smallmouths and the usual rock bass. More importantly, the guys had a super number of hits and fish on the line today. Doug had a monster smallmouth inhale a fluke – the fish had to be between 5 and 6lbs! We had moments where 1/2 dozen 16″ to 18″ smallmouths were chasing the fluke.

Zack caught a nice smallmouth and nearly 3lb largemouth with a Zara/Sammy type topwater lure today. He also did well dropshotting a green pumpkin/red flake Ozmo. Doug doesn’t fish a whole lot and was worried about whacking me with the rod – but he had a whole lotta action today with fish inhaling the fluke. Just a great day of fishing and pretty good “catching” too today! I really had a great time chatting with the guys and watching the superb smallmouth acrobatics and battles today.

My buddy Craig reported a great day on Skinny today too. So the weather pattern was just right for hungry fish! BTW – I tried the clams at Seneca Farms – very good! It’s always fun going to Keuka with plenty of good food nearby…