Keuka/Seneca 8/24


Started the AM with a 1/2-day trip with Bob and Kip on Keuka. They wanted to learn the jigging technique, so I gave them the tutorial starting around 7 am. We fished the Bluff area and found very good numbers of lakers and even a bit of bait! The guys landed 4 nice fish and lost a couple. Most fish were either down on bottom or suspended at around 75′ over 105′ to 115′. Fish ran to 25″ and hit shakers and Kastmasters. Keuka’s been solid for us all year, if not spectacular.

My PM trip was on Seneca and I met Steve over at Dresden via boat. We started around 2:45 pm and were met with slow fishing. There were lots of lakers on the west side and some on the east, but they weren’t hitting well for Steve – at least to start. As the lake calmed and the sun got lower we kicked the skunk out of the boat. Steve wound up nailing 5 nice 23″ to 25″ lakers in short order, in around 90′ to 105′ of water. There’s plenty of bait everywhere on Seneca! Things look really good over there!