Lake Champlain Crown Pt./Ticonderoga 8/7 + 8/8


Had a great time up at Lake Champlain with my tournament buddy Phil. What a lake! We chased gar on the fly on Sunday and found them right where I left them. The weeds were up a bit higher than before and the fish were definitely using them. We landed around 10 fish, the best being a 48″ one. I didn’t see the numbers of big fish I saw last trip. At one point in time our hookless ropeflies were getting hammered by bass! We didn’t know what was hitting at the time, but I saw one 15″ largemouth that just wouldn’t let go of the fly for a while. I threw in a white Senko and caught an 17″ to 18″ smallmouth! In 3′ of water off a bunch of slop near some gar!

Bass fishing had its moments of greatness, especially on Monday. Bass can turn up just about anywhere on Champlain. We caught fish around slop and along drop-offs. Best fishing was a 1/2 hour period (or less) where we found one isolated strip of weeds near a very non-descript shore. I landed a fish close to 4lbs. on a tube, then we hit the area with the jig/pig. Another 3 to 4 SOLID bass (3 + lb. fish) came out of the same little strip. Fish were swimming 8′ away to suck in the jig! Just amazing moments on this lake…..

It pays to take some chances when bass fishing this lake. Just spend time fishing and observing. Even the marginal looking areas can be very good!