Lake Ontario out of Oswego 4/30


Fished Oswego with my buddy Mike from around 6:45 till 2 pm. We got a late start and that likely hurt our chances a bit, but we still had a fun trip. We worked a few areas with our 8 wt. fly-rods. I used an Intermediate line and he went with a Type 3 full-sinking line. The water was clear at the first place we worked and we weren’t able to raise any fish. We found some warmer water and each had a follow from a large brown in short order. Inside the Harbor, I had a hit and after a short but electric-like swift battle, Mike slid the net under the 21″ spring Coho. My first Lake Ontario Coho salmon on the fly! I was psyched and it seemed like an eternity before Mike was able to slip the net under the fish, though it was only a matter of seconds. It’s great having that childlike enthusiasm for fishing after all the hours on the water.

Mike had a momentary grab while casting a swimbait, but fishing pretty much died down for us around 9:30 or 10 am. We motored out into the depths and tried working some jigs for lakers. We also worked deeper water outside the harbor for browns without any hits. Warmest water we found was around 52/53 in the harbor. Main lake temp offshore on the surface was 42/43. Fun day and I’ll have some photos up sooner or later.