Lake Ontario out of Oswego Harbor 7/5


Got out with my buddy Terry for a fairly long day starting at 6 am. The lake is as high as it was last time I was out here. The Sheriff (or perhaps Coast Guard) was patrolling the harbor and lake as well, likely enforcing the current 600′ no wake zone.

We tried jigging for salmon during the first part of the day. I was very encouraged by what we saw, but no hookups. We came very close.

After that, it was time to check on the smallmouth bass. Terry nabbed a couple very nice fish on Powerbait – he had one over 18″ and another at 17″. I caught a smaller one as well as some gobies. A fair number of bass were very shallow. The biggest came deep out of around 35′ to 40′.

Lots of charters and rec boats were out targeting salmon. Word is that the salmon bite has been good over the past 2 weeks or so. They have fins and they use them, so no telling where they’ll show up!