Moving ahead into February


A few odds and ends:

My new motor has been installed and once we get a stretch of moderate temperatures, I’ll pick it up and will be ready to roll again.

I had a good time as always working with the Silver Lake Marine crew at the Rochester Boat Show.  Attendance was minimal on Friday but picked up quite a bit on Saturday.   There’s so much information available online, Boat Shows have become less important in many boaters’ selection process.

Retail prices for boats aren’t going down – they keep increasing.  Supply chains have improved somewhat after the massive resurgence in boating due to the pandemic.  If you’re looking to “build” a new boat (order one to your specs) online, Silver Lake Marine still has an ordering window with Crestliner where they can get your boat in around mid-May.

There isn’t a whole lot of safe ice available in the region as of this writing.  On Silver Lake Saturday morning, one brave or foolish (depending on your point of view) angler was out ice-fishing the north end of the lake.  Nobody was on the south end.  Most of the lake, apart from the south and north ends, was open water.   As I drove over to the boat show Friday afternoon, I could see that even small ponds along the thruway were still wide open.  Everything will change dramatically after this week’s Arctic blast.