Onondaga Lake 10/3


Got out with Terry starting at around 10:30 am. We fished til around 6:15 pm. Bass action was a little slow for us to start but we wound up putting together a couple of patterns. We caught some of the nicest bass we’ve seen here all season so far. I started things off with an 18″+ chunky largemouth that had to go 4lbs. Terry then nabbed a good smallmouth. We ran into a few concentrations of fish and wound up landing 12 or 13 solid bass between us with nothing under 15″ and a few around 18″. Fish came on Superflukes, Tube Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Topwater and Lipless Cranks (Rat-L-Trap.) Terry had around 7 or 8 bass with his top 5 probably weighing between 17 to 18lbs total, which includes a chunky 18″+ smallie. I had around 14 to 15lbs for 5. I also landed a 34″ Tiger Musky that hit a Superfluke and a few perch on tubes including a 14.5″ beauty.

Water temps were around 65/66 degrees and the water clarity was good despite recent heavy rains. We saw a huge musky today and probably saw another 3 to 4 fish plowing though the water with their heads out (like the Tigers do elsewhere.) I dropped a fish on a tube jig that was likely a nice musky from the short surging battle I got before it became unbuttoned. It was a fun day with some great variety of fish and tactics used out there. It’s nice having the boat/trolling motor issues ironed out.