Onondaga Lake 7/6 midday


It was “Gar Hot” on Onondaga Lake today.  My friend Jeff stopped off at my place at 9 am and we drove up to Syracuse.  Only a few boats were on the water.  H2O temps were in the low-80s.  The water looked beautiful – hard to believe but this lake looks better by the year.  Lush weedgrowth all around; no signs of heavy algae either.  The goal was to get Jeff his first gar and to get it on the fly.  We found loads of fish and had plenty of follows and some grabs.  I landed a couple solid ones. Jeff managed his first one and then lost a bigger one.  I also had two nice smallmouths follow a rope fly and one big largemouth hit one.  It was just so darn hot that I didn’t want to break out the bass gear.  We called it a day after around 4 hours of gar fishing.  We had close to 94 degrees on my truck thermometer as we pulled away from the park!  Ouch!