Otisco Lake 10/16 + 17


Guided "Bobberman" Perry and his buddy Dave for what was scheduled to be three days. We got two in. The guys brought some terrific bait (and they bring their own gear) and we still-fish for muskies.

Day 1: The fishing on Thursday was excellent for Tigers. After weeding through 5 solid largemouths (up to around 19",) Dave had a hit that we thought was another bass. It swam towards Dave for a bit, then the giant musky jumped like a tarpon before the solid battle ensued. I slipped the net under a thick 41" trophy musky – the biggest Tiger I'd ever seen and the best that Dave and Perry had ever landed. Another 4 muskies made it to the net – fish ranging from 24" to 29". So one giant and 4 smaller fish.

Day 2 was tougher fishing. Dave joined me in the AM then we got Perry around noon. One hit was had in the AM then a few during the PM. One 30" Tiger found Perry's bait. Dave lost a decent channel cat as well. I find Tiger Musky behavior to be a little bit perplexing. Sure enough we saw one on Friday AM cruising with its head out of the water. I talked to Perry and Dave and we all feel that Otisco Lake is as good as it can get for musky these days. I know there was a heyday in the 1980s, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this year compares via the diary records. We hooked fish in nearly every area we tried. If I get time, I'll be out here sooner or later on my own with my fly-gear giving it a shot. Lake level was low – down at least a foot from the past couple weeks. Water temps are in the low 60s. Weeds were not a factor on the surface, which was great and bodes well for fly-fishing. I still find these fish to be somewhat moodier than pike – I don't think they are easy on a daily basis, but on the right days they can be very aggressive and somewhat abundant. Then again, pike and pickerel can turn on and off like a faucet too.