Otisco Lake 11/22


Guided Ed today from around 9:15 till close to 4 pm. He was hoping to land a Tiger Musky on the fly-rod, using streamers, which is something I still have yet to do. Conditions were good for fly-fishing with light winds and overcast/misty skies. Water temps were around 46 and the water level was down from summer pool at least 6″ to 1′.

We never hooked any muskies. Ed might have had a musky hit, but nothing confirmed. We saw a nice one surface near the boat, which was encouraging. Fishing wound up being pretty good with some nice bass gobbling Ed’s streamer. He landed an 18″, 17.5″ and a couple 11″ to 12″ largemouths plus a hard fighting smallmouth bass that was 18″ or better. So it wound up being a fun day. Beautiful gray fall day to be out. Very classic and comfortable out there.

Ed’s a die-hard fly-fisherman and we’ll try it again next season. I think the best opportunities for getting a Tiger on the fly will be in May/early June and Sept/October when the weeds are down a bit and smaller fish a bit more active. We’ll find out!