Otisco Lake 5/22


Guided Mark I. for a full day starting just after 8 am.  Mark spent the entire day fly-fishing for muskies using his 10 weight rods.  That’s a LOT of casting!  A lot of GREAT casting in Mark’s case.  He really is a superb caster and just returned from a bonefishing trip – which is a great way to keep your casting in shape.  We never tried the gear at all today.

Lake temperatures hit 70 degrees on the surface today.  There are loads of pond weed in the lake from end to end.  Around midday, Mark managed to raise three decent muskies in one stretch of water – both on the retrieve and the “figure-8.”  Unfortunately, none of them grabbed his flies.  It’s likely that at least two of them were the same fish, since they followed on consecutive casts.  They were likely between 25″ and 34″ long – it was hard to tell.  We had no by-catch today either – no bass or perch, although one large perch did follow one of his flies.  A large line of storms began approaching around 4 pm, but we weren’t able to get any more discernable follows or hits.

This Friday May 24th remains open for trips.  After that, I have the week after Memorial Day and then we’re into June.

Mark working a streamer not too far from the narrows

Enjoying the day while hoping for a grab!