Otisco Lake 5/30


Guided Annie and Ron for 1/2 day starting around 6:30/7 am. Ron has a farm overlooking the lake and has been around the area for 40+ years and never fished it. Annie was in town visiting. Normally I would recommend Skaneateles or another lake for better action, but Otisco was the call since Ron lived so close. I had them cast for Tiger Muskies and try for bass for a bit. Ann had one Tiger turn momentarily for her lure, but apart from that no real action. Conditions weren’t great with a lot of debris, cottonwood seedand murky water in certain areas from the heavy T-Storms the night before. The lack of wind didn’t make things easier. On the positive side, on the course of the day (I went back out after the trip) I did see quite a few Tigers around – mostly sublegal fish. But they were common.

Bass were around the shorelines in droves and many were building/guarding nests. Plenty of panfish were around as well. Ann and Ron don’t get on the water much and it was Ron’s first time lake fishing, so we really had an enjoyable time despite the lack of catching. Later in the day I had a couple solid bass blast some Superflukes.