Otisco Lake 6/1


Guided Jesse and Jason for the full day on Otisco Lake. I’m doing some occasional trips out there for people interested in trying the lake for Tigers. I still have a lot to learn about musky fishing, but we’ve had some fairly steady action on them over the past 2 seasons. We started around 5:20 am and fished hard till the late afternoon. Water temps are in the low 60s and weed growth is up – right to the surface in some places. Jesse spent the entire day fly-fishing for Tigers – which isn’t easy to do. (I still haven’t caught one on the fly!) He fished hard. Some nice bass inhaled the streamers, but no Tigers. We did have what had to be a Tiger inhale and bite the tail off a swimbait early on. It just chomped it off. But no follows from Tigers. Steady weather is considered best for musky action by many aficionados, and that we didn’t have. Jason cast an array of lures incl. bucktails, swimbaits and stickbaits. Again – just bass. We had enough action from the bass to keep everyone focused. Fishing pressure was light on the lake – we only saw 2 other boats fishing. A lot of people love the summer fishing for Tigers – last year we did well in June (though it was much warmer.) I’ll be back here soon, likely within 10 days.