Otisco Lake 7/22


Got back out with Perry and his friend Jeremy for another shot at Tigers. Some decent fish have been caught (and released) over the past week. I was able to procure some nice sized suckers from a relatively new baitshop on Rt. 5 + 20 about 2 miles east of Rt. 89. We weren’t able to start early due to Perry’s work committments, so we started around 9:30 am and fished till around 6. We had one decent largemouth on the suckers. No tigers. Jeremy did a bit of casting and also caught a bass. He missed a couple other good hits/fish, but no definite Tigers.

BTW -I was disappointed and had my suspicions confirmed when I saw a weed harvesting machine working some of my favorite weedbeds. Over the past two years I’ve had some great fishing on certain weedlines and returned unable to find them! I understand that milfoil can make many recreational activities (incl. boating, water skiing and swimming) nearly impossible, but why offshore, mostly submerged weedbeds need to be eradicated is a mystery to me. Maybe the harvester gets paid by the hour – I don’t know.

One musky is the difference between a memorable musky trip and another “musky attempt.” I feel the fishing should be good and I’ll probably give the lake some serious attention (as well as Waneta/Lamoka) in August. Water temps reached 80 today! It was “gar hot!”