Otisco Lake 8/2


Guided Bob and John on the lake for a full day today. Bob has a place on the lake and has been looking to improve his success on the lake. The guys have kids and do a lot of inshore panfishing to keep the action going.

First thing I did was get the guys casting baitcasters. I don’t know if success is contagious or what, but in 7 years of guiding I’ve never seen two people get the baitcasters under control as fast as these guys! Within 10 minutes or less Bob was booming casts out with my Revo reel and Fenwick HMX musky rod. The guys realized how much work goes into covering water as an hour or two slipped by with no action.

John then took his turn with the large rapala musky lure and Bob worked a rattle bait. It didn’t take long before John hooked into a decent Tiger. We landed the 28″ Tiger after a spirited battle and a couple jumps. Around 10 minutes later John got another Tiger! This one was bigger – around 29″. Good fight too. We saw the usual tiger or two swim by and/or jump.

After noon we had a couple hours left and we did some dropshotting. John dropped what was likely a good smallmouth. Some sublegal largies and a few panfish were caught before we called it a day. Not an easy fishing day with north winds gusting near 20 mph by noon, but a fun day with some cool musky action. Boat traffic was light.