Otisco Lake 8/21 -22


Guided Perry and his buddy Dave for two full days. We started between 8 and 9 am. Perry brings live bait and fishes slip bobber rigs. It isn’t something I generally do, but I’m happy to accommodate him and it’s always neat trying something different. The guys were able to procure some good bait (in Auburn on Turnpike Road if my memory serves me correctly) and we had a good time.

Fishing around the north end of the lake on 8/21 resulted in a solid 20″ smallmouth bass. One Tiger around 28″ came to the net as well. A couple good fish were hooked and lost. The causeway area produced a 29″ Tiger.

Today we had a lot of largemouths gobble up the minnows – I think 7 or 8 of them came to the net, along with a 25″ Tiger. Some fish were missed/lost as well. The lake looks very good for the most part. I think casting and covering a lot of water would produce very well, though bait can be topnotch on some days. Water temp was around 72 on the surface. Boat traffic, as usual, was light. There has been some weed harvesting going on and certain areas were lacking their usual cover.

I enjoy bait fishing and always have a good time with Perry and whomever he brings along. The past two days were no exception and the action was generally pretty steady.