Otisco Lake 8/27 + Skaneateles Lake 8/28 AM


8/27 Otisco Lake: I went out on my own on Otisco around 11 am and fished till 4. It was probably the worst time to go out. The humidity was intense, there was no wind and the sun would come out periodically making things very uncomfortable. In between pouring sweat, I did some casting for Tiger Muskies and picked up two largemouths. I downsized to a Rapala Husky Jerk and had a smallish Tiger around 25″ to 27″ hit me three times and I wasn’t able to hook it. Lots of weeds were floating around on the surface. Fishing has been very good here this summer, but it still helps to pick a good day and get out early. I’ll be out again here soon.

8/28 Skaneateles Lake: Guided Ali and Mike for a half day starting at 7:45 am. It was good seeing them again after having a great day together early this season for browns/salmon and pike. Smallmouth fishing on this lake has been slower over the last few trips I’ve done. We had a couple fish early on tube jigs and then went to the dropshot. The rockbass were pretty much non-stop and a few decent smallmouths were in the mix out to 40′. We tried some soft jerkbaits and even topwater in the AM. I’ve worked a lot of different areas over the past three trips as well as some tried ‘n true. Ali and Mike were into the action today, so we stuck with the dropshotting program. Water temp was around 73. Parking lot wasn’t too busy.