Otisco Lake 9/4 and Cayuga Lake 9/5


The hot weather continues. A nice southerly breeze made for a gorgeous day on the water today. Calm conditions made for somewhat of a sweat fest yesterday, but there was just enough wind to keep things bearable.

Otisco Lake 9/4: Guided longtime regular Mark I. on the lake for Tiger Muskies today. He wants to catch one fly-fishing so that’s what we tried for most of the day. Mark had watched some Youtube videos on doing the “Figure 8″ with the fly-rod and did a nice job with it. Fishing was slow. We had a late start and calm sunny conditions for most of the day which are rarely good on this lake from my experience. I was hoping the fish would be active with the steady weather pattern.

He managed to raise a musky around 24″ to 25” on the Figure 8 but it never hit. He did catch a largemouth bass, but basically slow fishing. He did his part with some great casting (as usual) and we’ll be at it again. I still have a bit to learn about these hybrids. Boat traffic wasn’t bad in the AM, but as would be expected picked up as the day went on. The lake looked good and we did see a couple nice muskies lurking around, so we know that we were around them.

Cayuga Lake 9/5: Fishing continues to be “off the hook” (or is it “on the hook”) at Cayuga Lake. Just stellar action all day long! Guided Brian and his wife Katie for the full day and it was just one of those perfect days on the water. Hot conditions, yet a cool and at times strong breeze throughout the day. There was some chop, but everyone did a good job with it and we were glad we had it!

The middle to southern portions of the lake are just loaded with fish and Brian and Katie wound up landing 24 solid lakers to 29″ and one dink rainbow. We had one live lamprey come up, but that was it for the parasitic eels. Fish are in great condition and are fighting very well for the most part, with the occasional exception. About 65′ to 85′ was best for us.