Owasco Lake 10/1


Did a full day with Mike and Andy. Fishing started a little slow but picked up and remained decent all day long. Best action was from 80′ to 110′ or so. Fish are scattered on the N. end flats. Bait pods are scattered as well. The usual 1 oz jigheads and white shakers worked best. The guys landed around 16 fish – all lakers up to 26″. The fish were in good condition – well fed. Drifting produced the best action, and the bite before impending storms was best. Water temps are down around 63 degrees. If anyone thinks bass fishing in Sept/early Oct. is easy here they should check the results of the Rochester Bassmasters tournament here last Sunday: http://www.rochesterbassmasters.com/pages/2008owascoresults.htm

There are some excellent bass fishermen in the club and some of them did some serious “pre-fishing”. Like many of the alewife driven Finger Lakes, many of the smallmouths are pelagic in the summer/early fall and are offshore chasing baitfish. Later in October and November, inshore bassin’ will pick up.