Owasco Lake 10/12


Guided the Hermans for 1/2 day AM today targeting bass and pike. We didn’t have much success. Pike fishing was tough for us. I chalk some of it up to water temperatures which are high for this time of the year and high for what I consider to be the best pike temps. That being said, I felt we could score on some northerns. Surface temps were around 65. A couple hits were had from smallmouth bass. John landed one 13″er. We started at 8 am. A 7 am start might have helped us on pike and a later start probably would helped on the bass. We tried an hour or so of laker jigging with no luck either.

After the trip, I went out and managed to find some perch schooled up in deep water. I had a lot of fun with a jigging spoon and managed to land around 2 dozen keepers and another couple dozen “shorts.” The keepers ran 8″ to 10.5″. Another week of cold temperatures after next week should really help the pike bite.