Owasco Lake 10/18 PM


Guided Dan (Dapper) and Angela for a 1/2 day trip targeting lake trout, with Dan's brother Steve and their father Dave tagging along in their boat. They are up here for a few days and this was the only day we could do the trip. Lakers in the fall after a strong cold front can be very negative and the guys (and gal) knew this going into the trip. Winds were forecast to be 9 to 14 mph out of the NW with some higher gusts and we had highs around 41 or 42 – yes it was cold out there. Fortunately the winds stayed down a bit and the sun shone for much of the day. The fishing was tough. Dan landed an 18.5" laker that we released. It was Angela's first time out jigging and she had a few hits including three in a row (two hooked up) on consecutive drops. Dave lost two as well. So we had some opportunities but not many. Tough day but beautiful out there. Surface temps are around 61 degrees.