Owasco Lake 10/2 AM


Guided Jerry and JR for 1/2 day starting around 7:30 this AM. Fishing was slow to start with a couple missed light hits. Things were looking fairly bleak with the overcast/light rainy skies, but we persevered and some fish started activating. The guys landed 5 nice fish including two solid 27″ to 28.5″ lakers – quality fish for this lake these days. One fish appeared to be a wild one, which is also very rare on this lake. Many of the fin-clips are regenerating on the fish in this lake so it’s important to be able to look at the fins closely and make sure one isn’t slightly smaller than the other (parallel) fin when checking clips for the Angler Diary Reports.

We were the only boat out of Emerson Park in the AM and the only one we saw all morning. Around 85′ to 110′ was best today. White was the best color. Tougher bite, but even a tough October day on Owasco (or Keuka) for that matter is oftentimes good fishing! Fish are still gorging on the peanut alewives, though the two bigger fish (females) didn’t have much in their stomachs. The low numbers of alewives may have helped these fish spawn successfully 5 to 10 years ago. Who knows?