Owasco Lake 10/2


Guided Tom, his brother Frank and friend John here for a full day starting around 7:30 am. I wasn’t sure what the lake trout jigging would be like, but it was very good for most of the day today. We worked the middle to lower parts of the lake for the most part and found plenty of fish from 65′ on out, with the majority around 85′ or so. 21 solid lakers were landed today all on spoons. This time of year it’s important to have an assortment of plastics and “hardware” at hand in order to match the conditions. Fish ran from 22″ to 27″ long today with most in the 24″ to 25″ range. We had one wild fish out of the entire bunch. The trip today was a blast and a great way to wind down a busy start to the fall season.

I’ll be taking a bit of a break and doing a little fishing on my own this week, then it’ll be back to a fairly busy schedule over the remaining weekends. Some weekdays (and two weekend dates – the 18th and 31st,) are still open.