Owasco Lake 10/22


Guided Andrew and Bob for a morning 1/2 day starting around 7:15. The lake is low and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be launching out of the South Shore Marina. Even with my motor up a ways, my skeg was acting like an anchor just off of the dock. Anyways the fishing was very good today with perfect weather conditions – we had steady weather, overcast skies, a tiny bit of rain and light winds.

We started with casting for pike and the action was good on mostly smallish fish from 19″ to 21″. It’s good to see a lot of these pickerel-sized fish around as that does bode well for future fishing here. A couple nicer 26″ to 27″ pike were landed and Andrew lost what was a likely quite a bit bigger fish. It ripped out some drag before it got off. I’m guessing mid-30s inch range. He also nailed a bonus 12″ perch and a rocky.

We switched up to lake trout and there were plenty around. The guys landed 2 solid fish and one dink. Very good half day of fishing! And we were the only boat out that we could see.

After the trip I was jonesing to fish a bit and continued on with some pikin’. I nailed one more small pike and missed another. I also caught a few perch and a largemouth. I set up for smallmouths with a jerkbait and had some quick action, landing 3 nice fish topped off by a 21″er that was over 4lbs. The lakers were tough for me today and I caught and released one and didn’t have any other hits. I was impressed – I only fished around 3 hours today if that.

That’s the Owasco Lake late-October/mid-November mixed bag fishing that I really like. I remember first fishing this lake around the fall of 2001 or so and by casting tube jigs I could catch lake trout, walleyes, smallmouth bass, pike and jumbo perch! It’s not necessarily easy fishing, but the scenery is incredible and the tranquility addictive!