Owasco Lake 10/23


My website designer master Jason is making things a little easier to navigate on the reports portion of this site. Somehow my original report for Sunday’s trip disappeared. So here it is:

10/23: Guided Greg for a full day on Owasco starting just after 8 am. We started with northern pike on the southern part of the lake. Fishing was pretty good – Greg landed a couple fish in the mid-upper 20s inch range. He had a few other hits and follows. White swimbaits did the trick. The weed growth looks fantastic down there – lots of lush green coontail beds. There should be quite a few pike and bass down there.

Lots of perch are active in shallow water surrounding the lake. Lake trout fishing was fantastic – great jigging action on spawning points. Greg nailed 14 nice ones in around 2 hours and there were loads of them around. Fish ran from 22″ to around 26″+. Many have already spawned and some are pre-spawn and likely spawning. Plenty of baitfish are around.

Bass fishing was tough for us. We gave it a couple hours during what I thought would be the best time of the day. We marked what were likely bass from around 20′ to 35′ of water. No grabs on them. Water temps are around 58 degrees. Expect good to great fishing throughout November.