Owasco Lake 10/27 PM


10/27:  Got out here for around 4 hours in the afternoon.  I did some casting for bass.  Fishing was pretty slow apart from a nice 19 1/2″ smallmouth I caught on a jerkbait.  I spent a lot of time trying areas I hadn’t fished in a while for bass (I don’t bass fish here a whole lot) and some places I’ve never targeted bass before.  I did not fish my usual/favorite bass areas at all.  The water level remains low.

Today (10/28): I took my new boat over to Skaneateles Lake.  Unfortunately the operations crew at DEC decided to pull out the docks this morning.  This is the earliest in the season I’ve seen it done in the 17 or 18 years I’ve fished here.  Bummer!  With the low water, launching will be difficult even at Mandana – since most boat trailers would go off of the lip of the concrete.  I did not feel like taking a chance on dinging my new boat at the State launch since I was flying solo today so I just turned around and headed home.

I’ll be dropping off my new boat at Silver Lake Marine shortly and will just run the 2013 throughout the remainder of the fall and the winter into next spring.