Owasco Lake 11/15 PM


I had a few hours to fish after my classes today so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and trailer over to Owasco Lake – which is now only around a 30 minute drive for me. Over the past 8 or 9 years I’ve typically launched out of the North end of the lake at Emerson Park, but now I’m much closer to the lake and the “Moravia end” in particular. I’m taking advantage of my new post_title and working hard on learning the south end of the lake better.

I’m not a big fan of sunny, warm days in November for bass/pike fishing. Laker action can be great, but today was calm like glass and I knew things could be tough. On calm days on clear lakes I take advantage of my eyesight. It’s a great time to observe the bottom of the lake and weed edges and formations. I learned a lot today – I found some good pike areas and some promising summertime smallmouth haunts. The coontail has set up beautifully on the lake’s south end and I expect plenty of pike on the right days. I was hoping for a walleye today but had no luck. I worked hair and tube jigs primarily. I landed a small pike, lost one, was bitten off by oneand that was pretty much it. I had what was likely a nice largemouth bass grab a Superfluke in shallow water. Plenty of perch were around and trying to eat my tubejig. There’s also a ton of bait on the lake’s south end. I will be back here soon once I get some wind and I know the fishing will be better. I was the only boat I saw on the south end of the lake and the only one that launched out of the marina this afternoon.

Water level is low and temps are still hanging around 51 degrees. I can’t believe how warm the lakes are.