Owasco Lake 4/24


Fished hard today on Owasco Lake with Jessica. The lake’s north end was pretty cold this AM with water temps around 43 degrees. I had a follow from a couple smallies then nailed a nice 25″ walleye on a tube jig. We checked on lakers and Jessica caught a 25″ laker in around 110′. I marked most lakers in 110′ to 160′ with the majority of those fish in the deeper stuff. Most bait we marked was deep too. Her laker spit up a small alewife. I lost a laker in 150′ or more then caught one in around 110′ as well. I landed another 25″ walleye and had a follow on a jerkbait from a smaller, but still nice walleye. Didn’t see many bass today. Had one pike bite my hairjig off and we did find good numbers of small perch shallow. The walleyes made today a fun day – they were unexpected. They seem to be thriving and are very well fed.