Owasco Lake 5/30


After getting a phone call from my friend/client Dave re: some fantastic AM fishing on Owasco Lake (plus hearing other reports) I decided to take a drive over there in the afternoon and was on the water by 2 pm. I didn’t find any outrageous action. A drop with my temp probe found a thermocline forming. I had laker-friendly temps from around 60′ on out. I marked a lot of fish, but they were very negative. Cruising out to deeper water was the key for me, and I landed a couple 27″ to 28″ beauties – in 70′ over 135′ of water. I used my electronics and it paid off. There are loads of baitfish around too. The lake’s fishery really seems to be on the upswing. Lakers appear to be in better condition than over the past 3 years. I’m guiding out there a couple times this week, so I’ll have some reports. We’ll be getting an early start!