Owasco Lake 5/7 PM


Gave Owasco Lake a few hour shot in the afternoon. The outlet looked great with good numbers of alewives around. Lake trout were shallow – ranging from around 70′ on out. I marked some out over the deeps, but didn’t find any appreciable numbers in water much deeper than 110′ or so. Fish were very aggressive and I landed 3 ranging from 24″ to 26″. All nice looking fish.

I threw a few tube jigs around for an hour or two and saw one fish that looked to be a trout. I didn’t try any of the shallow warm water areas, but I’d imagine some bass are moving up. I’d expect halfway decent pike fishing on the lake’s southend. Around 1/2 dozen boats were out total. Water temps ran from the mid-40s to low 50s on top.