Owasco Lake 6/14


Got out for a full day of lake trout jigging with Fred and his sons Jeff and Andrew. The goal was to learn the pattern and possibly find some good fishing areas close to their cottage on the lake. We started at 6 am and within about an hour and a half Jeff hooked and dropped a fish. Fred hooked up as well. We tried a few different areas and Fred ended up landing the first fish around 10 am or so. Then Andrew landed a fat 27″ laker. Overall we had around 4 to 5 fish lost and the two landed. The best bite window was from around 7 to 8 am and then again from 10 till around noon. There was a pretty decent amount of bait around – though most was up high. Best depths ranged from around 75′ to 90′ or so. Fish were hooked on white and chartreuse tubes and Fin-S Fish. Both shores produced for us.