Owasco Lake 6/17 AM


Had a call yesterday from Oscar, who was staying on the lake for a few days. He wanted to get out with his son Jared. We met at 6 am at Emerson Park. There was a south wind to start around 7 mph. We did not find the good concentrations of fish we had on Sunday, but we did get into some nice ones. Thirteen year old Jared managed to land two lakers – one at 27″ and one at 28″! Oscar landed two smaller, but still respectable fish around 24″ to 26″ – again (like yesterday) one being a wild fish.

The condition of the Owasco Lake lake trout is the best I’ve seen overall, since 2003 or 2004, when I first started fishing the lake. Gone are the skinny, pale, bleached-out looking fish of the mid-2000s (though the heavy numbers of them were fun to catch.) The Owasco fish are plump and have nice coloration. There are no lampreys in Owasco Lake, so the lake does have some trophy potential and also produces clean fish. Another big plus of Owasco Lake is that it is a small Finger Lake and fishable in some higher winds out of any direction, though a 15 mph + southerly is no picnic here on the north end.

I was going to stay out a bit and bass fish, but the winds died down to nothing. It would’ve been a great day to head north to Sodus Bay and fly-fish gar, but I have a busy week ahead and need to save up some energy! Anyways, it was a good trip with some good fishing!