Owasco Lake 6/28 AM


Guided Kendra and her 9-year-old step-son Atlas for a 1/2-day trip today.  It was chilly this morning with air temperatures in the 50s.  Kendra had her winter jacket on!  It’s certainly been a weird weather year, but lake temps are staying cooler than usual, at least when compared to the past twenty years or so, despite the hot-spells we’ve had starting as far back as February.

The cold front made for a very tentative bite today on Owasco Lake for us.  A friend said lakers stayed tight to the bottom this AM on Cayuga Lake as well, so it was definitely an atmospheric phenomenon.  I never gave up hope but things looked pretty bleak throughout the morning.  Atlas lost a good hook-up early on and hits and follow were had all the way around.  They had some obligations and needed to be off the water at 11:15 am.  It was 10:58 am and I figured we’d give it two more minutes and then make our run back north and through the long 5-mph channel to Emerson Park’s docks.  Sure enough, Kendra hooked and landed a 23″ laker with two minutes to spare!  As we were preparing the fish for a photo (it was still in the net,) Atlas hooked up!  So we ended things on a consecutive “double” with no time to spare!  Terrific ending to the trip!  Plenty of silver fish were around and following our lures.  The lake looks great.  We primarily fished 65′ to 85′ FOW.

Atlas on!

Perfect end to a gorgeous Central NY late-June day with bluebird skies!