Owasco Lake 7/10


Got out with Scott and his father Dick for a full day here targeting lake trout in the AM and then bass for the second half of the trip. Dick joined us for the first half of the day’s laker fishing then it was just Scott in the PM. The laker fishing was slow for us. I didn’t mark many fish. If you follow my reports, you’ll know I haven’t been on this lake much this season so I have not been able to really scout the lake thoroughly. That being said, it’s a relatively small lake and a lot of the same areas produce every year (just like all the Finger Lakes).

We had our best luck on the north end flat with Scott landing a well fed 24″ laker and a chunky brown that went 17″. Dick had one good chance for a laker but wasn’t able to connect solidly. We checked three different areas of the lake – all in the northern 1/2.

Bass fishing wasn’t nearly as productive for us as it had been 3 weeks ago. Fish are starting to suspend out over deeper water. The post-spawn shallow fishing is done with. Scott did manage to lose a beauty of a fish that hammered a fluke hard and then proceeded to jump and dive and then dive some more. It had two big buddies around it too! Other than that we had one or two more hits. Scott also managed a couple perch on some small jigs.

Baitfish numbers looked great. Water temps on top were in the mid 70s. Beautiful day to be on the water, but for now for lakers I’d stick with Cayuga. I’ll likely be back here soon for bass.