Owasco Lake 7/21 out of Emerson Park


With the forecast for strong south winds coupled with the somewhat slow action on Cayuga Lake yesterday, the guys from yesterday decided to give Owasco Lake a try today. Wind was going to be a factor and it certainly was today. Fish just were not very active for us. The guys landed a couple nice lakers anchored by Dominic’s 28″er that was around 8lbs. Anthony lost a solid fish that was likely in the same size range.

The good news for Owasco anglers is that there are a lot of fish up on the north end flats and shelves of the lake. We will likely see some exceptional fishing here once we get a good weather day. We marked plenty of lakers and had ample chases that I could see on the sonar, but the fish were not committing. We worked other areas and found some fish too but with the high winds it was tough to trigger bites. I showed the guys some Super Fluke techniques for bass, and some rockies were caught as well as small smallmouths. Larger smallies weren’t chasing the flukes for the most part although a few good ones came close. Gary missed a nice one. As a rule I don’t do 3 person casting trips but given the strong winds the guys wanted a backup plan onboard.

After the trip I walked over to the “Blues, BBQ and Beer” (or something like that) fest sponsored by the local Lions Club chapter. There was some good bbq there as well as music. The festival has been going on since at least last year and is worth a stop if you are in the area and like good BBQ or would like to hear some local blues bands. Teams were there from different parts of the country so it was cool to get some of the real bbq deal there.