Owasco Lake 7/27 PM


Did a half day trip with Tony and his friend Paul starting around 12:30 PM.  Tony has joined me in the past for a few different trips.  The guys did a trolling charter this AM on Cayuga Lake and caught some lake trout.  Tony was up for giving Owasco Lake a try today.  Cayuga Lake is fishing pretty well right now.  The clarity isn’t bad.  The cooler weather should keep the algae in check and the winds forecast to hit on Friday should really help clear things up.  I’ll be back there soon, but am certainly enjoying a change of pace after guiding Cayuga Lake almost exclusively over the past couple months.

We had a couple delays this AM with weather.  We also stopped to help out some boaters whose motor had died while running downlake.  We weren’t able to do much for them but we tried.

Overall fishing was good.  We had a lot of wind to start and then conditions just died down and the lake became like glass.  That made covering water a bit more of a chore.  The guys landed 7 solid fish and lost a few as well.  Fish hit white and smelt colored jigs.  We worked 50′ to 90′ FOW.   Boat traffic was light due to the storms that passed by.  There are some huge schools of alewives in Owasco Lake and we were surrounded by some for awhile.  It was cool to see!

Paul with a nice fish

Tony with a nice fish

My availability remains the same as the last report.  Please check it if you’re interested in a date.  Only a couple days remain open in August!